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Our solution framework is based upon constructs from Complexity science,

Systems science and Chaos theory.

This may seem strange, but consider that problems, challenges or projects faced by Corporations & Governments inevitably cut across many disciplines and expert areas. The traditional way of solving such problems is to obtain individual experts under each niche area, yet these approaches remain problematic since it lacks true systemic integration. The capacities to integrate expert viewpoints, processes and products are a rarity, thus our focus in this area. Practically what we deliver to client partners include:

  • Advisory services on the actual architecture of their business
  • Create sustainable wealth creation
  • Conceive strategies of growth across their extended value chains
  • Design pre-emptive alerts & advance notice (decision support systems)
  • Re-structure corporations to remain flexible, viable, & relevant
  • Develop policy ideals, with supporting processes to enable efficiencies
  • Impart systemic knowledge to leaders and staff


As a firm, we relentlessly strive to remain the best at what we do. What we do, is solve business problems, be it in the Corporate or Public sectors. We are specialist Advisors and Turnkey implementers of unique solutions to each client partner. We have neither piers, nor equals in specialising in cross-sector integration, in other words we are specialist generalists.

The focus of Cyberia group is to produce research and development in the field of applied complexity science. Our R&D is our core, and used to solve real world, practical challenges by designing and implementing business solutions for clients in both public and private sectors. It has been 15 years since the founding of the firm, but our resolve has only grown over this period, targeting innovation and best practice development for client challenges. This is crucial to unlock deeper understanding of systemic integration in an ever changing and dynamic socio economic landscape. It compels us to continuously refine and enhance our methodologies, tool sets and implementation techniques (BAT®), a commitment we are proud of.

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