The last 2 publications highlighted the underlying
causes of joblessness and its conjoined twin, poverty
as a deeply concerning global phenomenon. We noted
the mental models or paradigms causing the gap between
Rich-Poor and how pervasive this mechanistic
thinking remain across global Institutions, Corporate
leaders and State advisors. We discussed how global
citizens have grown weary of the empty promises from
these agents and agencies. This is also the underlying
reason for the many and growing global movements
that have decided to make a difference in the absence
of State & Corporate support in transforming the global
economy to an egalitarian and transparent model.
We acknowledged we are currently “transitioning” into
a new era of being people-centric as opposed to the
classic self-centricity (selfish, inward approach of hoarding).
We noted that the transition period must contain
the re-establishment of trust of all global citizens,
which in itself will be a long journey since State & Corporate
profligacy is difficult to surrender irrespective
of one’s philanthropic tendencies. In other words the traditional
State & Corporate wastefulness, recklessness
and decadence will not be capitulated without our continued
assault on their sensibilities. Here we refer to the
many movements in all countries pushing aggressively
for real change, which in turn have resulted in the many
collaborations and innovations arising from these
groups. At the risk of repeating ourselves, we noted the
need for seeking out “labour-of-love” which is to say
that we should as far as possible pursue work in areas
we are passionate about. The underlying reason is that
such passion keeps us open to learning & adaptation,
whilst allowing us the energy and focus to overcome
any barriers and obstacles on this journey.

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