Since learning and adaptation are central to viability (evolutionary fitness), our commitment to continuous R&D are integral to our success, if we are to enhance the lives of people and organisations. The philosophy driving our vision is the emancipation of both individual and organisation, by migrating their Mechanistic orientations to that of a Systemic one. The strand of emancipation is based upon making clear to clients, the gains and insights obtained when undertaking the transformation from Cartesian mental maps to Systemic mental maps. The ultimate aim is to impart systemic knowledge so that clients are better equipped to deal with operational uncertainty and complexity.

This is reflected in our slogan, “to change the way people think and work…” Today, the C-institute offer a diverse social investment scheme, comprised of a few areas:

  1. Professional assistance to targeted levels of management
  2. Grants & Donations to pursue formal systems learning
  3. Training and mentorship to individuals, teams or organisations
  4. Incubation of small to medium sized organisations

These broad areas form the foundation of our corporate and individual social conscience, whilst providing us a sound platform and opportunity to co-learn with entrepreneurs and SMME’s. The learning we gain from this investment is manifold and remains an important aspect of our research and development. Essentially, the C-institute is geared toward teaching and propagating specific applied complexity and systems concepts, geared toward creating a sustainable advantage to our growing list of participants (SMME’s and individuals).