The (BAT®) Concept

Is designed on the basis of Fractal Geometry (self-similar at all levels of recursion), inherently having Robustness and Flexibility, two seemingly contradictory qualities, yet these very qualities allow our solutions to be applied in any business and organisational context. It provides strength in terms of design, yet ensures that the “learning” achieved in the operations, are fed-back into the organisation, providing it with the capacity to adapt and change, thereby being sensitive and acutely alert regarding environmental features (perturbations and attractors that reside within all social systems).

Central to our toolsets and products are the notions of interrelatedness and interdependencies of sub-systems forming the whole (project intervention). Appreciating that it is not only one of these elements that bring success, but rather the unique arrangement, refinement and management of these sub-systems that yield the desired outcome of growth and success, for each client or project. Our approach does not offer instant success; instead it empowers stakeholders with tools to navigate the dynamic business world by unlocking systemic understanding, patterns and maps that exist in the structure of any business and society. Sustainable success requires evolutionary fitness, which in turn promote constant learning and adaptation.

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