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Our e-learning offerings will be activated in the near future and will include formal training modules on various subjects; virtual consultation; downloadable templates and guides to improve business & personal growth. Due to the volume of content and the need for our team to digitize and animate our e-learning library, this process will be evolving slowly.


Lava flow to be used

Example of entropy (2nd Law of Thermodynamics) explaining the constant birth, death & rebirth of all matter or energy

Sub-systems of CAS’s

3 Ways of breathing

Example of sub-systems, in this case the vascular or breathing system, that forms part of the whole system, being a human, a bird, and insect

Evolutionary fitness 1

Evolutionary fitness 1

Example of how CAS’s adapt to change in order to remain viable

Evolutionary fitness 2

Example of how CAS’s adapt to change in order to remain viable

Social system

Example of interconnectedness of social system (societies, comprised of many sub-systems like people, technology, etc.)



Typical ecosystem, which is a rich example of viability and interrelated systemic harmony

Biological system

Example of biological systems as a CAS

Galactic system

Example of a large system to explain the nested systems we are inherently linked into, like millions of planets & stars forming countless galaxies comprising our cosmos or universe



Example of a Complex Adaptive System (CAS)

Mechanistic thinking

Example of typical Mechanistic thinking whereby linearity, and direct cause-effect still direct the thinking of leaders of social systems & corporations, despite it’s flaws being well known to us

Levels of resolution 1

Microscopic life

Example of a CAS’s at a microscopic level, to explain the notion of levels of resolution, whereby the same architecture of life resides at different levels of granularity, meaning large scales like galaxies to small scales like microscopic life

Patterns 1

Example of rich pattern formation that can teach us about self-organisation


Example of “Self-Regulation” whereby a flock of birds are able to navigate complex flight paths, whilst swapping out leaders during flight

Quantum uncertainty

Example of inherent uncertainty at the quantum mechanical level of systems (e.g. Heisenberg’s uncertainty; Quantum entanglement)

Technological system

Example of a simple system, like an energy grid, or a computer. These are systems having finite parts, finite ways of interaction, and thus high levels of predictability

Chaotic systems

Example of a chaotic system where we are unable to accurately predict or forecast,due to “sensitivity to initial conditions” (butterfly effect). The weather is a good example of a chaotic system due to its high level of complexity and sensitivity, explaining our limitations in forecasting weather patterns

Wave-Particle duality

The wave-particle duality is one of our most amazing & strange quantum mechanical features. The figures explain, at the most granular level of life(photons or sub-atomic particles) can behave both as a wave and/or as a particle

Interacting systems

Example of universal perfection using the distance between our sun, our moon & earth (each interconnected sub-systems of our galaxy. Had these objects been, ever so slightly, be more or less different in distance, life on earth could not exist

Data et al

Beyond big data is systemic data, whereby our connectedness to everything that is, are only beginning to reveal itself

Levels of Resolution 2

Levels-of-resolution (LoR) refer to the interconnectedness of systems. The higher level of resolution is a person adding sugar to coffee. The lower level of resolution is at a chemical level (sucrose mixing with hydrogen &oxygen)

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