Our Passion Is to See Others Succeed

Completed her degree in Public Administration and Project Management Certification. Glory also was part of the entrepreneur development and mentorship programme.

Glory Vilakazi

Project Administrator

She holds 2 masters degrees and started her career as a lecturer at the University in Hyderabad, India. Currently performs all oversight and testing application development.


Analyst Programmer & Educator

4 years applied training on the Business Architecture Toolset (BAT®), he also formed part of the internal entrepreneur and mentoring programme.


SCM & Entrepreneur

4 Years Systemic BAT methodology training. Recently acquired equity stake in small IP-based joint venture, he also excelled with ideas for company growth, sustainability and key investment areas for Cyberia.


Business Analyst

His formal studies as an educator allows him to be a good people’s person and developmentally focused. 20 years experience in the manufacturing sector as entrepreneur and partner.


Head of Group Operations

Laylah is currently completing her degree on a full-time basis. As an intern, she spends her providing support on legal and finance related aspects of tenders and proposals development by the firm.



Dave, a founder partner of more than 10 years, has a background in Telecommunications & Networking both abroad and locally. He currently drives all cloud-based solutions and diagnostic software application tools.


Cloud & XaaS Strategy

Tony is a serial entrepreneur, ICT expert, and a senior partner for more than 10 years. He enjoys collaborations, merging toolsets and innovation in the Business Process space and currently provides guidance to customers and interns as senior applications architect.


ICT innovation

Leeyah is a recent graduate from the University of Witwatersrand, with an interest in business science and resolving business challenges. Started as intern supporting the firm in it’s applied research. She is now a full-time team member focusing her efforts on business process mapping (BPM), as well as assisting with business development activities of proposal writing.


Process Analyst

Enver’s background is in the Telecommunications and Networking area. He founded and sold 3 enterprises to date and currently serves as board member at the group level.


Bandwidth & Security

Premjith holds a B.Soc Science LLB, and was admitted as Advocate of the High Court of South Africa and served as Principal Drafter of the Protection of State Information Bill. He was also Senior legal advisor to the National Intelligence Agency, and currently serves on a few boards with a focus on industrialisation programmes, job creation & economic development.


Industrialisation Manager

Louis completed his BCom Investment Management degree and has experience in investment management, project management (engineering, property development and software projects), manufacturing as well as strategy and business management.


Project Investments

He holds an engineering degree (Ph.D) from the University of Cape Town and drives the firms applied Complexity science research & development.


Founder & Managing Partner

Cyberia Group Pty (Ltd) was established as a boutique-consulting organization focusing on Business Management. The science behind creating viable business entities, continue to mystify and intrigue most of us. This is no different, even today.

The quest to understand why some entities are successful and others less so, is certainly not new, we can observe this by virtue of the many books, papers and articles on the subject of creating successful organizations, but not many survive the ever-changing landscape.

We, at Cyberia Group have invested extensively into understanding this phenomenon. Key to our models and methodological approach are constructs from Chaos theory and Complexity science specifically (since it deals with key aspects of emergent behavior and adaptation) Complexity science, and most importantly, the concept of “Emergence” (the sum of the parts are greater than the whole) remain a vital force we have tapped into, guiding us and our clients to become highly successful in having the desired qualities of “innovation” and “adaptation”.

We have, over the last 10-years designed a framework, within which we execute and design solutions for our clients and partners, and infuse this thought leadership into the fabric of their operations.

The model we have developed is called the “business architecture tool” (BAT©), and uses traditional management science aspects, embedded in the science of complexity, providing a rich and robust platform of intervention.

This cutting-edge thinking construct already exists naturally in the world around us from the movement of the celestial bodies to our eco-systems and all living organisms, even at a cellular level. At Cyberia we learn from our natural environment particularly what and how best to evolve effectively and remain a viable. All our assignments, programs and projects we execute invariably have aspects of our models weaved into the solutions we deploy. These range from huge programs including many international projects are into giving advice to the many small organizations under our mentorship program and this has been the cornerstone of our success. We set our own standards to create our own future and challenge traditional rules of engagement. We constantly push the limits of management science, providing us with tools, to ensure continuous innovation, adaptation and effectiveness. Because of our dedication to innovation and cutting edge management philosophy, we have grown in stature and evolved at Cyberia Group (cutting across all vertical sectors). Our focused growth model has enabled the group to offer turnkey solutions, across functional areas and technological plat-forms, ensuring seamless integrated business solutions from philosophy, to concept to reality (implementation).